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Building Works Tender Opportunity

Monday 2nd December 2019

DaRo Fibre Products, part of DaRo Group, would like to invite companies specialising in the building of internal pre-fabricated office spaces to tender and provide a complete solution for the opportunity detailed below.

Site Details

DaRo Fibre Products, Part of DaRo Group, Church Field Road, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2YA.

Details of the Opportunity / Scope of Works

To provide an internal office space approx. 16.5m x 8.7m with a dividing internal wall on to an existing mezzanine floor;

  • Partitioning panels to be lower panel solid, glazed mid- section, solid upper. Rear wall to be solid.
  • Double door entry and fire escape door fitted to one office.
  • Second office to have double door entry into a lobby with double door exit into work space. Fire escape door fitted into dividing wall.
  • Lobby to have positive air pressure to prevent dust ingress.
  • Suspended ceiling, with lighting grid to be fitted across new build and passage between new build and existing offices.
  • Labour to fit approx. 32 x 600x600 LED light panels and approx. 6 x 600x600 emergency-maintained LED light panels. Light panels to be supplied by DaRo Group.
  • Larger office with lobby to have a suitable vinyl floor covering. Smaller floor area to remain as is.
  • Fire door to be fitted instead of plastic strip drapes at the top of the rear fire escape stairs.
  • Dado rail to be fitted for electrical and data cabling. No of sockets TBC.
  • Air conditioning/heating to be fitted to both spaces with extraction and vents.

Tender Selection Process

Tender applications will be assessed on a combination of the following criteria;

  • Ability to deliver a complete solution including all mechanical and electrical works
  • Design and quality of materials proposed
  • Lead-time for project delivery
  • Total cost

Timetable and How to Apply

  • The deadline for tender submissions is close of business on Wednesday 18th December 2019
  • Applicants will be informed of the status of their submissions by close of business on Thursday 19th December 2019
  • For further information and submission of tenders, please use the following contact details;

Contact: David Cheale
Phone: 01787 881191

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