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Customer Premise Enclosures

DaRo Fibre Products are pleased to introduce the Optotec FOCUS NGB, PTE and ROE ranges of environmentally sealed enclosure solutions for Access Network subscriber termination, premises distribution as well as Fibre to the Home (FTTH) and Passive Optical Networks (PON) installations.

The FOCUS NGB, PTE, ROE and Multi-Operator product lines are simple, innovative and aesthetically designed which perfectly fits FTTH, PON and GPON requirements. FOCUS NGB, PTE and ROE enclosures are reliable and able to match the highest international standard (IEC 61753) ensuring operation in ‘C’ (controlled), ‘G’ (outside) and ‘A’ (aerial) categories.

Suitable for inside plant and outside plant deployment, various configurations are available for splice-only, splice-patch and splice-split-patch applications. The full range of accessories enables management of various cable and fibre types. Utilising Splice Array Modules allows users the possibility to match different splicing capacities required.

These enclosures introduce a variety of locking options to prevent accidental or unauthorised access.

Finally we have the customer connection Wall Outlets which are an internal enclosure solution for inside the customer premise providing the final connectivity point to the service providers ONT device. Typically for one, two or four fibre connections these small compact enclosures are designed with bend-insensitive fibre in mind.


  • FTTx
  • PON
  • Single Dwelling Units (SDU’s)
  • Wall outlets
  • Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU’s)
  • Basement/building entrance
  • Floor distribution
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