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Fibre Optic Connector Cleaners

DaRo Fibre Products are pleased to offer US Conec’s range of IBC™ brand cleaners. The US Conec IBC™ Brand of single fibre cleaners can be used to effectively clean various single fibre connectors such as FC, LC, SC, LC Duplex and M250 both residing in an adapter or faceplate and unmated.

They feature a novel dry cleaning strand to gently sweep and lift away dust and debris from the connector end face that eliminates the need to use solvents for an effective clean.

A simple pushing motion to engage the tool, an audible ‘CLICK’ to alert the operator that the tool is fully engaged, a dust cap attached by a lanyard to prevent losing it, over 525 cleaning engagements per tool and the effectiveness of the cleaner to remove such contaminants as graphite, hand lotions, skin oils and Arizona road dust.

Various versions are available to clean; 1.25, 2.5mm, multi-fibre (MPO/MTP®) and speciality connectors such as ODC series, OptiTap®, M38999, TFOCA for example.

For further information and enquiries relating to our range of IBC™ Fibre Optic Connector Cleaners please get in touch.


  • Data centres
  • Central office
  • Local Area Networks (LAN’s)
  • FTTx networks
  • CATV networks
  • Cellular networks
  • Military and civilian maritime optical networks


  • Cleans end faces mated within bulkhead adaptors
  • Cleans end faces prior to mating into bulkhead adaptors
  • Wide range of connectivity versions supported
  • Dry cleaning strand eliminates the need for solvents
  • Crush resistant to over 250 N
  • Impact resistant to survive drops over 1.5m
  • All IBC™ brand single fibre cleaners are RoHS compliant

The term MTP is a registered trademark of US Conec Ltd.
OptiTip and OptiTap are registered trademarks of Corning Inc.

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