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Heat Shrink Splice Protectors

DaRo Fibre Products are pleased to offer a range of heat shrink splice protectors for single and ribbon (multi) fibre optic cable constructions. Single fibre splice protectors are available in several different lengths from 60mm down to 35mm and ribbon (multi) fibre splice protectors are available for up to eight or up to twelve fibres.

Heat shrink splice protectors are used to protect the fusion splice between optical fibres and allows the protected splice to be mounted into a cassette organiser tray or splice holder within a fibre termination solution e.g. 1U patch panel or wall mounted enclosure.

Heat shrink splice protectors are manufactured from a stainless-steel pin and hot-melt adhesive sleeve located inside heat shrink tubing. Accurate construction ensures a single-entry hole at either end; precise positioning of the pin, even wall thickness of tubing and adhesive liner.

Single fibre product available in clear or one of twelve individual colours. Using the coloured splice protectors can often assist installation engineers in identifying specific fibres should they have to re-visit a panel or wall enclosure for repair or upgrades.

Available in bag packs of 50 or 100 pieces or bulk pack’s of 1000 pieces.

Standard Products

  • 45mm - clear
  • 60mm - clear
  • ‘1A’ 60mm - clear
  • ‘3A’ 35mm, 45mm, 60mm - clear or colours
  • ‘4A’ 45mm - clear
  • ‘5A’ 45mm - yellow
  • Ribbon up to 8 way - clear
  • Ribbon up to 12 way - clear

For further information and enquiries relating to our range of heat shrink splice protectors please get in touch.


  • Quick installation
  • Clear, individual or colour sets available
  • No air inclusions or twisting on shrinkage
  • No Pin exposure
  • Various installed diameter options to suit all fibre organiser trays and holders
  • No stress on fibre
  • Compliance with Telcordia GR-1380-CORE
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